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Notes from the road: Prague, Czech!!

Dear internet,

Whoa its been a busy  day.. so much  life  going on.. but im trying to get  caught up somewhat  on my journals..

so back to the travel log

From Berlin, I took the train to Prague, where I had a scar appointment waiting for me.

An old friend , Scott Ellis from Austin, Texas who used to live in Prague, hooked me up with Tribo Tattoo and Body piecing, the oldest piercing and tattoo shop in Prague.  Im SO GLAD  he  did.. this shop has SO MUCH talent.. Not only do they have  Peter Bobek and Musa on tattoo duties, but also  has a PLETHORA of guest artists at any given time . Mikal, one of the owners of the shop was kind enough to pick me up at the train station and give me a ride over to the guest artist  flat they were letting me use for the duration of my stay.  AMAZING little place with cobblestone streets over looking this church built in the 1600’s.

I met my old partner in crime. John Durante at the train station, along with Steve Truitt and  his girly, the always lovely Miss Crash. John and I were going to be traveling on from Prague to Krakow together.

John and  I chilled at the house as I had an early appointment for the scar.

After the scar  ( Id post  pics, but  am working on a book so no new scar pics for you!), we went out and were touristy  for a while. Although  john  had been there for 3 days already,  he hadnt done  1/2 of the touristy things to do it Prague It truly is amazing city with such a rich history.

This is the Týnský Cathedral, i dont remember the whole story but i remember  that  one of these spires is bigger than the other one, and they are reffered to as male and female spires.. made by brothers.. one killed the other one and made his larger.. maybe?







This  is old astronomical clock.. which is still a working clock  since the 1410 when it was built.  The clock was so amazing back in its time.  the king had the builders eyes poked out  so  he couldnt build another clock  like it anywhere.. hows that  for gratitude?

It says the times of day , and night, the seasons, when is the best time for planting and harvesting, also there are 365 different days .. and the name for your child if its born on that  day.. hence a name day . You needed special permission to not name your child its nameday name.   So wild!




Franz Kafka was also a Czech citizen and the city , as much of the rest of the world, still has a very deep mark left  by Kakfa. This statue is from kafakas ” description of a struggle” short story where  he envisioned himself  riding a healess man dressed in a suit, which he was able to guide around teh streets of Prague when he rode him.

This is right next to the Spanish synagogue , next to the Jewish quarter





This little thing is the poweder  tower and is the only  one of teh citie sold main city wall towers to still be standing.  This used to house the cities ammunition  and hence was referred to as the powder tower..






This is the  very modern and up to date  metro station… which i would use to get take the train to




also known as the Ossuary or the church of Sedlik. Built it 1,112  this church was a cemetary at  first.. before it became a church.

Having soil from Golgotha, the  cemetery  soon became the  “in” spot to be buried .

A few hundred years later, many wars  and the plague..  there were an abundance of bones in the cemetery.

After 1400 one of the abbots had a church of All -Saints erected in Gothic style in the middle of the cemetery and under it a chapel destined for the deposition of bones from abolished graves, a task which was begun by a half blind Cistercian monk after the year 1511.


The charnel-house was remodelled in Czech Baroque style between 1703 – I710 by the famous Czech architect, of the Italian origin ,Jan Blažej SANTIM-Aichl. The present arrangement of the bones dates from 1870 and is the work of a Czech wood-carver, František RINT (you can see his name, put together from bones, on the right-hand wall over the last bench).
Our ossuary contains the remains of about 40 000 people. The largest collections of bones are arranged in the form of bells in the four corners of the chapel.


The most interesting creations by Master Rint are the chandelier in the centre of the nave, containing all the bones of the human body , two monstrances beside the main altar and the coat-of arms of the Schwarzenberg noble family on the left-hand side of the chapel.

SO AMAZING.. and this  outside of Prague about an hour.  Prague  still has many other AMAZING sites,  like the estates theatre , which is the only theatre  still erected that Mozart perfromed in. He loved Prague and perfromed regularly for the then  Bohemians .

I also havent even touched on the ST. Vitus church, or the castle there ( which the largest in Europe), or the st. Charles bridge and  its amazing sculpture, the national museum, the memorial to Jan Palach ( a student who set  himself on fire in protest of the people doing nothing to fight the goverment – and said ” May these flames  rise from my body like the hopes of the Czech people”  and lit  himself  on fire!!) ,  the many other churches and cathedrals, Alphons  Mucha museum, and SO MUCH MORE!! I LOVE that city!

I was honored  to have Mikal and Tribo take such great care of me/us, and I CAN NOT thank you guys enough!

It was my second  time to Prague, but i know it will not be  my last! I have the strange feeling i will be living there at some point in my life.. Even if its not for long..  but I will call that amazing city my home at  some point!

I was only in Prague for 4 days and then John and myself took the train to Krakow Poland!!  more later,

praise hell




  1. Please keep me in mind if you need a proofreader.

    I LOVE your blog. Thanks for letting us stay in your life.

    • damn.. is my typing that bad that I need a proof reader.. I thought I was getting better hahahah
      Im doing much better now
      thanks Rebekah!

  2. Your posts are AWESOME – I like to proofread books. I was even on the team for “Losing A Hand” the second edition which, to my knowledge, never made it to publication before BMEGate.

    Books are fun – can’t wait for yours!


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