Posted by: rongarza | December 15, 2010

Another day older.. & by demand – My Amazon wish list

Dear Internet,

Thanks for noticing  I’m old (er).

Its this  day of the year  that Im reminded how old I am.. and how many of you people I miss  so much!!

They say your as old as you feel, and if thats true.. then im still 19… but  I wake up in the morning.. and I dont  feel 19.. I get tattooed  and  I dont heal like a teen ager anymore… I look in the mirror and this isnt   the 19 year old face I should be  seeing.instead a greying older man  peers  back  at me trying to understand where his  youth  went.

Either way  Im glad to have made it thrugh another year,   and  as  tough  as this year ..  it would have  so much  tougher without all of your support!

Thanks for everything  guys!!

Since  it  has been repeatedly  brought to my attehntion  that I dont have a wishlist up  or  a way for people to know what I want..

I present  to you . My  wishlist of sorts..

I know its a bit late for my Bday (   late  gifts are still ok 😉 ), but  Xmas is  right around the corner too!

Dont  be scared…Buy  my love now!!


Ok.. Thats all..Back to the grindstone..

happy holidays




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