Posted by: rongarza | January 11, 2011

2010 wrap up

Dear Internet,

Well, another year has passed us and  so much  has gone on.

For many this  was a hard , rough year, for others it was an amazing one filled with opportunity and chance for  growth and development.. for some it was  both.

I had a good year.. Lots of love, travel and work.

This year  I was fortunate enough  to  have been asked to teach again in Germany and Mexico city amongst other places,  and did a little 6 week work tour in Europe while I was out t here. I worked/traveled through- Berlin , Germany,  Prague, Czech ,  Krakow Poland, Budapest , Hungary , and Rijeka , Croatia and some other little cities/towns in between.. So amazing to have the chance to see all of these places.. I just wish I had more time there  so I could have continued  onward with my travels into Eastern Europe. There aren’t too many counties left  to visit in eastern Europe, and Id like to do it  before they  fully convert to the euro. Seems to me you get more of a feeling of the country and culture when you see their money and the people that were important  in making the country. That is one thing Ive noticed from collecting money from all over the world. It says  so much about a culture and it’s peoples.

I had  great classes and students In Europe and I cant wait to go back and  see what they are up too!!  Im always infatuated with  the idea of moving  elsewhere.. and  lately.. Berlin or  some other eastern European city sounds amazing.  The things keeping me here ( aside from my significant other and our 2 dog and cat  children) , is the fact Ive been apprenticing tattooing for a while now.. and  I feel pretty comfortable with my progression and where Im at now. People are coming back and  bringing their friends and I know its just a matter of time before Im tattooing full time. Once i get better and feel more comfortable with that and I can rely on doing that, teaching and cutting for a living.. then  the big move to Berlin or Croatia will come Im sure.. or who knows  where I will want to  live and work  by then.. and  maybe Ill making machines and whatnot. So many passions and directions.. so little time.

Lets see,  this last year I also started the LTD productions   fully. I succeeded in putting out Vol 1 in English and Spanish , and have a  nice scar DVD out  as well to accompany  classes I give. The European  kids already have this. Its not for US  sale either. No you cant order it without  the class.  Don’t ask.

I had a hardware failure and all my files were lost and I literally  have to start ALL OVER again on volumes 2 and 3.. and I no longer have any of the files for my previous DVDS.  So basically Im starting all this over again this year. As a result  the release dates  for Volumes 2 and 3  have been pushed back into the year Very  glad and lucky  to have friends  helping and contributing  footage  so I at least  some  stuff  to work with  while re digitizing all the stuff again.. so lame! at least I have back up on mini DV tapes.. and it wasnt  just digital  files on a hard drive!

Lets see other than that..  this year  I just expect  more tattooing, cutting, traveling, cultivating  my artistic self more,  and  just being happy with  family.

I hope all of you had a great new year and  hoep this next year kicks a whole lotta ass for you ! Remember .. next year is 2012…

Got to make this year count!!!

Ill try to  update more often..

praise hell Say -10



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