Posted by: rongarza | February 27, 2011

Tattooing and Life update

Dear Internet,

Wow its been a minute since I  last  wrote here.

As always , been super busy with piercing at the shop,  and tattooing as much as I can when Im not piercing. Been feeling pretty good with the actual tattooing part, although I seem to be doing more traditional style stuff which although doesn’t show much versatility , does show I can do a good , clean solid tattoo. Now that Im feeling better with all that part of inserting pigment into the skin,  I’ve also been drawing a lot as well,  really working on my composition and flow. Things are going well and I can see myself progressing artistically. Its pretty sweet!

In addition to color  work which I really prefer , Ive also playing some with Black and grays which aren’t as intimidating as I had previously thought. Black or darker tones  are needed in almost EVERYTHING the eye sees  to show depth and for the eye  to be able to differentiate between objects and colors.  Once you are able to understand and do  things in black and gray, it seems  much easier  to be able to do truer, richer tones of colors  to do more photo realistic stuff and not so traditional or new school-y  with using color.

Obviously I’m light years away from even attempting that sort of thing, (plus color portraits dont interest me), but its nice to be able to be progressing  enough to be able to understand  somewhat these things and actually know where to start and have an idea for the methods for the madness. Before seeing things with a much more untrained eye , I dont think I could  even understand what  I was  seeing other  than it  just being pleasing to the  eye.

Other that that,  Work on Vol 2 is coming along nicely and should be done within the next couple months at the latest.

Planning out European trip for later this year, and gearing up for my Texas trip next month!

Ill hopefully  be In  Dallas, Austin and Corpus for  short periods of time  and will be available for appointments

ill leave with a cute little black and gray hello kitty  skeleton I did a couple weeks ago that I thought was really cute.

I promise Ill try to get on here more, but cant promise I will

praise hell

say 10



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