Posted by: rongarza | May 12, 2011

May 2011 update

Dear Internet,

I know its been a while  since Ive updated on here. These last few months have had my life  a little topsy-turvy.. Ive been keeping myself super busy  and trying to stay sane with the many curve balls life has been throwing  in my direction.

This time, Im trying to decide if i want to stay in the US  any more,  or move elsewhere.

Ive been toying around with the idea of moving to Berlin, so much so that it seems REALLY REALLY feasible to me to do it. I want to just  fall out of it all and just continue to develop my artistic passions there, in ALL their facets..and just create. There is a reason SO many people i know  live there.  No other place i have visited ANYWHERE in the world has a modern art scene like Berlin does..  I  LOVE  IT there..  the only thing i dont think i could stand is the winter weather there.. Berlin gets COLD!!!   Ill probably  head down to the south of Europe  into Croatia maybe ( Ana this means you 😉 ) for winter.. and re up my visa.  I just  cant wait to be immersed in the amazing artistic culture that is so much more prevalent in Europe than here in the USA… let alone the food, the wine and  yes of course.. the ART.

Other than that.. Ive been keeping myself busy .. haven’t been drawing that much or tattooing.. been covering at the shop , working for  Mckinnon (other piercer) for like a month straight and  havent had much time for much else, .. except one of my other passions that Ive been exploring more once again.. PHOTOGRAPHY!!! Namely.. fetish photography.

Years ago i used to really be into fetish photography and  was much more into the fetish scene as well .. then i dropped out of it  for whatever reason.. I think it was because i didnt like the ‘fashion fetish’ scene  which  seems to dominate  so much of the balls and conventions.. I have never been into  dressing up in the fucked up make up and latex/leather clothing..  I was always more into  just going and doing what i do .. and  participating in scenes and hanging,cutting or burning people.. not just hanging on the sidelines  dressed to the nines and  looking like i WAS part of it.. id rather just BE part of it.. who gives a fuck  what im dressed like..  well obviously it mattered to others and for whatever other reasons as well, i dropped out of all those scene.. but lately.. ive been having a little fun again..

Here is a couple pics of what Ive been  trying to stay busy with  when im not working in the shop. These are out takes and just  showing what i can in a work safe  public forum, as most of the stuff Im shooting is NOT Work safe.

Im always looking for  models.. especially ones with body art of any sort! If your interested in Modeling.. Hit me up! Im always traveling and  might be in your area soon!  Id love to shoot you!

and thats about all I can show you .. I like to work with color.. this all done with halogen lighting and  not photoshop. The rope work is done by myself. Id also love to shoot your scenes or dungeon or slaves!

Interested models please email – with  MODEL in the subject line.

Ok.. thats all.. Ive rambled on enough .. Ill try to update more often..

until then,

Say – 10,




  1. I love your posts and would get modified more if I lived near you xoxoox

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