Posted by: rongarza | August 16, 2011

From The Archives – Episode 2

Dear internet,

I know its been a while since I have updated here. So much Ive wanted to  write about and update  you all on,..but Ive been SO incredibly busy , and have a WHOLE  LOT going on.. so maintaining an online persona doesn’t hold the same importance it once did.

Regardless, Ive been doing and involved in some  really cool stuff lately and thought Id share. things  as they happen.

I will be  touring Europe  once again  this year and anyone  interested in getting  work from me , or attending classes , message me ASAP!!

I know I will be  teaching at BMXnet exchange this year once again. This year it will be in Essen Germany from October 14- 17.  I will also be working in Prague, Vienna, Rijeka, Copenhagen, and Stockholm as well. Dates and studios TBA very soon! ot a few other things in the works too but for now that’s it.

Recently i was moving and found and old box of hi8 mm tapes from my involvement  with TSD and suspensions from the early and mid 90’s. This tape was broken and busted, and all it said was rotisserie – june /99.. I knew i HAD to at least attempt to have this tape fixed and digitized!! I m pretty sure this is the only remaining footage of this suspension installation.

For those that don’t know much about me or my involvement with suspensions,  my interest was always with high tension, kinetic suspensions. after  long brainstorm sessions  at IHOP ,  drinking way too much coffee we would brainstorm  and find ways to make  ideas we had happen.  This piece was engineered by Allen and  Oliver.I remember it like it was yesterday, sooo hard to believe it was 12/13 years ago. We all looked so young and good looking then  lol

This was the first attempt at any version of  the high tension , kinetic suspensions and the stepping stone before  the 360 rotating suspension you saw in Episode one . TSD recreated this suspension once more, with the same model and I believe it was the last time  David Martinson (model) ever suspended. I wonder what happened to that guy.. hrmm..

Ok.. hope you guys enjoyed that.. Ill try to post more often here..

Anyone intersted in work contact me ASAP!!

praise hell -Say -10



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