Posted by: rongarza | May 30, 2012

NEW Upcoming Vegas and European Dates!!


Dear Internet,

So much going on, and it starts  up really HEAVY this month,  starting with Ink and iron tattoo convention in Long Beach, Ca (June 7-9)where I will be working on Friday.   Yes,  Its true, I AM  headed back to Europe again!!!  BUT   only for a short  time and not the long term move I was planning on and have spoken to many  of you about already.

As with life, things change, and I ended up staying here in the states, and not taking off to my beloved Berlin.

I will still visit this year lecturing, giving workshops and working my way across Western and Eastern Europe  as well as into Scandinavia  like usual.  The difference is this time  I will be with my better half – Nakota, whose tattoo work  some you  might be already familiar with. If not, I HIGHLY SUGGEST you go see her work and like it on facebook/NakotaArt. That owl is an older back piece cover up she did that I really love the colors on. All of her work  is so rich and colorful .. and just like that owl piece. She will ALSO BE working  at Ink and iron in LBC  and  has a day open to tattoo. If interested , email!

Starting next month,  we will be traveling and working by appointment only mainly in Europe.

From June 17 – 22 We will be Las Vegas, NV for the Association of Profession Piercers conference in which Ron and a few colleagues will all be helping with a tool-less (freehand) piercing workshop.Nakota still has  one appointment available, and I have two slots  still open.  Send me or her a message if interested.

June 30 /July 1st  I will be lecturing on “Piercing without tools” at the 9th annual tattoo expo Convention in Naples, Italy. Nakota is no longer taking appointment’s for Naples. From  there we will be  traveling a bit from Rome, (cementing locations and dates now).

We will then be working our way up north where both Nakota and myself  will be finishing this trip by teaching and working in Helsinki, Finland July 27, 28 and 29th at Paradise Tattoo and Body piercing.

I will be lecturing on freehand piercing once again, as well doing a joint lecture/workshop with Nakota on proper tattoo station set up.Nakota has 2 spots left for tattooing. Please email Paradise about her availability as they are handling bookings for Helsinki.

We will be back in the U.S. for the month of August, but both will be back in Sept- Nov. I cant say too much  on that right now, but  can say we will be more in central western Europe, before coming back stateside.  I will let you know when other classes, dates and cities get solidified.  as for now..  just had to share these dates . Ok stay posted for  upcoming dates and studios, and go like our shit on Facebook! 🙂

more later, praise hell, say-10,



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