Posted by: rongarza | June 4, 2012

Suspension Project with Chris Glunt And Aaron Hawks out !!


Dear Internet,

 I know I don’t  post  much suspension related stuff, but for those that have known me over a decade know  the art of bosy suspension was one of my first loves in the body art realms  in the early 90’s. Those who have known me, also know what a suspension proponent I have been for the last 20 years. ImageImage

Since then I have been involved in quite a few larger  suspension projects from  being one of the nine people on the original human mobile for Ripleys Believe it or notImage,  to helping suspend  Chris Angel from a HelicopterImage,  to  helping reproduce Stelarcs suspensions to  other huge projects from other crane projects, as well as  high tension, kinetic suspensions. Because I have been so involved with more advanced suspensions, I dont particularly enjoy assisting with first time suspendees.

Recently I received a phone call from a dear friend, Chris Glunt,  asking if I would help suspend him for a photo project. Knowing how well chris can hang, his usually really cool ideas, coupled with the fact  he  isnt a pussy at all, I readily agreed.

Turns out the project  he was working with was for acclaimed fetish photographer, Aaron Hawks and  an upcoming book and show focusing on suspensions.

 Due to exclusivity contracts signed,  we haven’t been able to release some of our personal photos… until now.

Many more photos can be seen on my Facebook suspension page section Image

I will leave with a couple more of my favorite suspension pics that I have been involved with.

More later,

Praise hell, Say-10,





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