Posted by: rongarza | August 22, 2013

ScarCon Feature in October 2013 Bizarre magazine.


Dear Internet,

I know I have been slacking on this blog. It has been over a year now and two Europe trips since the last update.  Rest assured it isn’t because I have been lazy! (well maybe on the updating front). I have been super busy with so many projects and travels. My new website shows some of this stuff, but a lot of it just boils down to I have a real life and not so much of an internet one these days. Facebook is probably the best way to keep up with me these days. I have been thinking of making a separate piercing blog, as I have so many things going on, I think i need to separate things like my photography , travels,  and body art  into different ones.  Plus no one seems to realize I still am an active piercer these days. I will post a link to that when I get  to it.

ANYWAY, let me get you up to date  on the Scarcon.

Traveling as much as I do , I have been looking for a country to hold  the first International Scarification convention.  After a few trips to London, I decided on having it there,  with the best scarification artists I know. Not everyone could make it, but quite a few were able to attend and do beautiful work.

I decided on the name ScarCon, since scar wars was already taken by my dear friend Shawn Porter who held the first three scarification conventions in the U.S. before.

I had a lengthy interview with Alix ( Bizarre), that didn’t get published, but  they used a small percentage of it. Here is the whole original interview.

There are some pictures and a featured article in the October issue # of Bizarre magazine (out August 30th, 2013). Be sure to pick it up!

until then, keep checking here for updates or add myself or scarcon on facebook for updates when they happen!

Thanks for reading!



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