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From The Archives : Re edited old scar vid

Dear Internet,

Been super busy and haven’t really been writing about Europe like I wanted.. But Ill get to it!! Just have lots of other irons  in the fire right now, and deadlines to meet!

One exciting  bit of news,  I will be hosting a round table on piercing with plastic surgery in Vegas this upcoming year for APP, as well as speaking on Phuket veggie fest and what it was like to pierce there, as well as hosting another travel log night wher eI will be showing videos , pictures and stories of some of my travels!!  That is exciting!! but  is yet another deadline  I have  now :-/

One deadline I didn’t meet, was  having Vol 2 of the DVD out by the first of November.  Things were looking pretty good, then my hard drive crashed and all the work I had.. gone like that.. I have been feeling  too bummed about it to  go back  and start it all over again like i know i have too..

In the mean time, having all this video editing stuff around here, I re edited  this older video  shot in 2005 and 2006 at scar wars 1 and 2 in Philly and LA.

For those who don’t know –   Scar Wars is the worlds  first  and so far only  scarification convention.  I have had the honor  of working the first  2 they had, but  was in Asia  when they had the 3rd :-/,

I re edited this video , shortened it and took out  some controversial stuff that seemed to offend people.  Forgive the sloppy editing,  my computer isn’t working with this  file very well. I did try to clean it up and literally did it  over 2 dozen times!!   Im over it and just  posting it as is so i can do other stuff. So weird to go back and seem with facial piercings again.

Hope you enjoy anyway!

Ill resume the travel logs soon..

until then – Add me on Twitter – (rongarzamods), and when your viewing the video on youtube.. subscribe to my channel!!


Praise hell,


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Notes from the Road: Prague Pt 2

Dear Internet,

Been super busy with  life.. haven’t had much time online..

Been acclimating myself to home life and working again. It gets harder  and hard to go back to a shop after traveling for a while.  Don’t misunderstand me, I love being in a studio,  but I hate the rigors of actually working during normal  11- 9 business hours.

In a perfect world, Id get paid to travel  and live  life.. but  alas,  We don’t live in perfect world, and I’m very fortunate to have lived the life I have thus far, and have been to the places I have been too. This fact isn’t over looked or unknown to myself. I’m a lucky mofo.. but this is the reality I created for myself, and I have given up A LOT of things to be able to live  life this way. Im SO lucky to be in a great shop that understands and allows me to travel like I do, and have an amazing woman behind me that also understands this and has many of the same drives and passions as myself. Who knows where I would be now If it wasnt for those  two grounding things in my life!

SO in lieu of an actual update, Im just going to update with more pics from Prague. I LOVE that city!!!!

Here is just a funny face with a mouthful of pipe hahah










this is taken from the St. Charles bridge over looking the Vltava river, looking from the castle side  back into  old town.





This amazing Rose window is carved from stone and is but one of the beautiful art pieces in the St. Vitus Cathedral in the castle walls in Prague. It was consecrated in 925 AD,  made larger in 1344 and was finished  in  1929, almost  600 years later!!  it has such a diverse architectual style encompassing all of the many artistic styles throught the century. Alfons Mucha (from Prague) painted this window .

Im such a fan of Muchas work. i left the file big so you can see how awesome this thing truly is!!










Under the rose window, the architects  who finished the cathedral added themselves to the design underthe rose window… isnt that  some crazy shit!

This was just a rad statue I found, where it is good luck to touch a certain body part on this guy.. can you guess which part?

This is the window where the second defenestration ( someone gets thrown out of a window)  occurred in Prague in 1618 I think, where  two Catholics were thrown out the window because of  some beef with the protestants I think, and  that started the 30 year war in Prague .. Religion always seems to fuck things up.. no?

Here is the St Charles bridge which has 30 statues which mean all kinds of things. I just remember is was a lot of saints , and one saint who was a bishop who was thrown off  the bridge and drowned because he pissed off the king. Ive got a picture of that statue as well  as most of the other ones.

Here is a view of the bridge from afar.  INXS  filmed the ‘tear us apart’ video on here. Watching that video not only takes me back to my youth, but also seeing Prague  in the video…. just takes me back. I am SO in love with that  city.. I WILL live there at some point in my life.. and then probably  be  so over it and hate it and all the tourists , and  then  move.. to Berlin.. hahahah 😉

This was  cool ..The John Lennon Wall.

John Lennon was a hero to the pacifist youth of Central and Eastern Europe during the totalitarian era. Prior to 1989 when communism ruled, western pop songs were banned by Communist authorities, and especially Lennon’s songs, because they were praising freedom that didn’t exist in former Czechoslovakia. Some musicians were even put into jail for playing his music!

When John Lennon was murdered in 1980 he became a hero to some of the youngsters and his picture was painted on this wall, along with graffiti defying the authorities. The Communist police tried repeatedly to remove the portrait and messages of peace but they couldn’t manage to keep the wall clean. The day after it was full of poems and flowers and paintings of Lennon. Even the installation of surveillance cameras and the posting of an overnight guard couldn’t stop the opinions from being expressed.

I will end with  a pic of me  shirtless at the Ossuary  – just another one of my shirtless around the world pics to add to the collection 😛

Next time I  will write  about Poland and Auschwitz next time… Budapest after that  and then  CROATIA and  then…Mexico city. Whew, Ive had a busy couple months! Im tired just thinking about writing .. much less actually  going those places!

ok..more later!

praise hell


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Notes from the road: Prague, Czech!!

Dear internet,

Whoa its been a busy  day.. so much  life  going on.. but im trying to get  caught up somewhat  on my journals..

so back to the travel log

From Berlin, I took the train to Prague, where I had a scar appointment waiting for me.

An old friend , Scott Ellis from Austin, Texas who used to live in Prague, hooked me up with Tribo Tattoo and Body piecing, the oldest piercing and tattoo shop in Prague.  Im SO GLAD  he  did.. this shop has SO MUCH talent.. Not only do they have  Peter Bobek and Musa on tattoo duties, but also  has a PLETHORA of guest artists at any given time . Mikal, one of the owners of the shop was kind enough to pick me up at the train station and give me a ride over to the guest artist  flat they were letting me use for the duration of my stay.  AMAZING little place with cobblestone streets over looking this church built in the 1600’s.

I met my old partner in crime. John Durante at the train station, along with Steve Truitt and  his girly, the always lovely Miss Crash. John and I were going to be traveling on from Prague to Krakow together.

John and  I chilled at the house as I had an early appointment for the scar.

After the scar  ( Id post  pics, but  am working on a book so no new scar pics for you!), we went out and were touristy  for a while. Although  john  had been there for 3 days already,  he hadnt done  1/2 of the touristy things to do it Prague It truly is amazing city with such a rich history.

This is the Týnský Cathedral, i dont remember the whole story but i remember  that  one of these spires is bigger than the other one, and they are reffered to as male and female spires.. made by brothers.. one killed the other one and made his larger.. maybe?







This  is old astronomical clock.. which is still a working clock  since the 1410 when it was built.  The clock was so amazing back in its time.  the king had the builders eyes poked out  so  he couldnt build another clock  like it anywhere.. hows that  for gratitude?

It says the times of day , and night, the seasons, when is the best time for planting and harvesting, also there are 365 different days .. and the name for your child if its born on that  day.. hence a name day . You needed special permission to not name your child its nameday name.   So wild!




Franz Kafka was also a Czech citizen and the city , as much of the rest of the world, still has a very deep mark left  by Kakfa. This statue is from kafakas ” description of a struggle” short story where  he envisioned himself  riding a healess man dressed in a suit, which he was able to guide around teh streets of Prague when he rode him.

This is right next to the Spanish synagogue , next to the Jewish quarter





This little thing is the poweder  tower and is the only  one of teh citie sold main city wall towers to still be standing.  This used to house the cities ammunition  and hence was referred to as the powder tower..






This is the  very modern and up to date  metro station… which i would use to get take the train to




also known as the Ossuary or the church of Sedlik. Built it 1,112  this church was a cemetary at  first.. before it became a church.

Having soil from Golgotha, the  cemetery  soon became the  “in” spot to be buried .

A few hundred years later, many wars  and the plague..  there were an abundance of bones in the cemetery.

After 1400 one of the abbots had a church of All -Saints erected in Gothic style in the middle of the cemetery and under it a chapel destined for the deposition of bones from abolished graves, a task which was begun by a half blind Cistercian monk after the year 1511.


The charnel-house was remodelled in Czech Baroque style between 1703 – I710 by the famous Czech architect, of the Italian origin ,Jan Blažej SANTIM-Aichl. The present arrangement of the bones dates from 1870 and is the work of a Czech wood-carver, František RINT (you can see his name, put together from bones, on the right-hand wall over the last bench).
Our ossuary contains the remains of about 40 000 people. The largest collections of bones are arranged in the form of bells in the four corners of the chapel.


The most interesting creations by Master Rint are the chandelier in the centre of the nave, containing all the bones of the human body , two monstrances beside the main altar and the coat-of arms of the Schwarzenberg noble family on the left-hand side of the chapel.

SO AMAZING.. and this  outside of Prague about an hour.  Prague  still has many other AMAZING sites,  like the estates theatre , which is the only theatre  still erected that Mozart perfromed in. He loved Prague and perfromed regularly for the then  Bohemians .

I also havent even touched on the ST. Vitus church, or the castle there ( which the largest in Europe), or the st. Charles bridge and  its amazing sculpture, the national museum, the memorial to Jan Palach ( a student who set  himself on fire in protest of the people doing nothing to fight the goverment – and said ” May these flames  rise from my body like the hopes of the Czech people”  and lit  himself  on fire!!) ,  the many other churches and cathedrals, Alphons  Mucha museum, and SO MUCH MORE!! I LOVE that city!

I was honored  to have Mikal and Tribo take such great care of me/us, and I CAN NOT thank you guys enough!

It was my second  time to Prague, but i know it will not be  my last! I have the strange feeling i will be living there at some point in my life.. Even if its not for long..  but I will call that amazing city my home at  some point!

I was only in Prague for 4 days and then John and myself took the train to Krakow Poland!!  more later,

praise hell


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I’m BACK!! Notes from the road – Berlin 2010

Dear Internet,

wow..  that  was  a little  while I was gone there.. 6 weeks never sounds  that long.. until you  are gone  for  6 weeks,  then its a LONG  freaking time!

Sorry I didn’t update once while I was gone..  I was busy! I took the HPmini with me and had every intention of updating from the road, but it was just  more of a hassle than it was worth. I got a hold of those I had to , and  visa versa.

Since I was gone for  so long, and visited and did  so many things, Ill break up entries and countries at least a little and start with just Berlin.

BMX  was once again  an amazing conference that I was honored to be part of  of and that conference is so awesome , it needs its own entry. .. (coming soon)  for now  let me just  say this…

BMX  was held in Berlin this year, and Im glad it was! This  gave me the chance to not see some of  Berlins sites, but it  would also be the starting  point for my Eastern European trip this year! I knew  this journey was going to be a much different trip than  others Ive gone on before.  I was going to the eastern  side of the wall and see how much things have changed since the fall of communism in the 80’s.

There  has been a lot of  violence and war  there over the last 40 years (not  even  taking back to WW 1 and 2 which also had a lot to do with Eastern Europe)..  a lot of stuff we don’t hear about or really get taught to much about  in the USA.   SO MUCH  RECENT  war  and violence  by  people  our age  who remember  some horrible atrocities… All  in the name of politics and freedom  and people  just  wanting a better life… and it can even be taken  further back,..  but  before  the fall of communism… and  you still have Auschwitz and  alot  more war.. Eastern Europe has been thru alot , and getting to travel though it  was  pretty amazing and eye opening.

So much  of those countries are  developing at  different rates and in certain cities it REALLY  feels like different time periods going on there in relation to our own time periods  here in the US thru the last 40  years Ive been alive.

In Berlin after the conference, I stayed  with My  dear  friend , tattooist Chandler  Barnes who has  lived there  for the last 15 years, but was born in the US. He also  leads the extremely kickass Superfly Suspension Troupe. He lives in this awesome little artist part of Berlin called Friedrichshain  in which is the art scene is alive and well there, especially street art.

It  really feels free and the artist  is allowed to  not only exist , but  flourish there.  It  definitely  feels  very much in the late 70’s going  into the early  80’s in terms of social  mentality as well. Corporate greed  still hasn’t consumed  everyone there and people are  actually following their hearts and  just creating  art for the sake of  creating art!!  everywhere I turned there was  art… And the  people  allow it!    There in certain areas, there wasnt police telling you  you cant  paint there or hang  your  signs up. The  entire  neighborhood was full of artists and just  allowed thinsg to be ..  power in numbers!  Here are some pics  of the awesomeness
















I know , there is  so much more to berlin.. I didnt even have time to do any of the museums, or check point charlies,  or see whats left of the  wall,  or  any of that  stuff..  All  I did  was work at BMX,  then hung out  with Chandler who gave me  the low down on the city and whats it been like living there  during  such an amazing  change taking place.  I wish i had more time there… but I know Ill be back..  Berlin is  so amazing.. I could REALLY see myself  just dropping out of the body art industry and just  moving there and  focusing on growing as an artist…   Its SO amazing the vibe there!! The only thing keeping me from actually  doing that move  is the  cold… Dont know if I could handle the winters there..

My  final 2 days there I was doing  some scarification appointments out of Naked Steel ( thanks again Dirk!). and from there, Chandler  called me a cab and off to  Hauptbahnhof  (main train station in Berlin) I went! There I was to catch the train to Prague  where I had an appointment bright and early at 11 the following day!

BIG thanks to Chandler and the entire Super Fly Suspension group, Fur Immer tattoo and piercing, and Naked Steel Body Modification studio and of course BMXnet . I couldnt have done it without you guys!!

Ok.. more later

To be continued…


p.s  oh yeah . I got one o f those twitter things.

Rongarzamods add me if  you want… should be funny  trying to figure  out  how to use that  damn thing!

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LEAVING on a jet plane …

Dear Internet,

The day is here and Im Off to Europe once again . This time Ill be working more than traveling, but I will hopefully still have some time to enjoy myself.

Berlin  is going to be AMAZING this year   as  the BMXnet conference get sunder way. Im  really overjoyed  at the progressiveness of the European community and collective consciousness.

Im sure  alot of it  is because of cultural difference and upbringings, but  it is still refreshing to see and not only experience, but to be able to experience as an educator assisting this fledgling community build up and  come toegther.

This years  conference is to be the largest  conference BMX  has had.. and although I dont  see how  they could improve on last years conference..  I Have no doubt  if anyone can do it.. Its   Ze Germans! 🙂   Looks like Ryan Ouliette and Myself  will be  giving an advanced Scarification class and workshop,  along with Brian Skellie and myself  giving a class and workshop on freehand piercing, as werll as I will be lecturing on what it was like to pierce at the Phuket vegetarian class.

All classes have  lot sof videos and Power points..  and  so much  info!!  I know Im  a little biased.. but  I’m really proud of these classes!

I still have 2 days  open for scar work in Prague.. although I won be  bummed If I dont  get  scar work..  Ill be in Prague!!

Croatian dates still have some seats  available  for classes..  Get ahold of Ana Laco at Badaku  In Rijeka, Croatia.  The number is on the flyer   2 entries down.. along with her email.

Ok.. got to finish getting ready!!   More updates from the road!!

Praise hell


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Prague and Mexico City Dates Added + surprise

Dear internet,

Seems like I have a busy month ahead of me. I am happy to announce that directly after my  lecture and cutting engagement  in Berlin @ BMXnet ,  I will be heading directly to Prague and be working out of Tribo tattoo from  september 23 – 25,2010.

They are an AMAZING shop  full of talented artists. I’m SUPER STOKED to be working out of here.

After that traveling fro a bit , then Rijeka , Croatia for some cutting work and classes, then back to LA for 24 hours and off to lovely Mexico city  for  the APP conference in Spanish – where Ill be debuting the new Freehand DVD in SPANISH!!!!

SO  STOKED!!  I shouldnt say anything yet, BUT ,.. Im SO EXCITED .. I’m going to  anyway..  Im debuting my new Scarification DVD in Berlin. Its the first piece  Wayde and myself did together, and luckily there was a camera around to record it. In this video  you can REALLY see how differently  2 artist can work, but  still achieve amazing results.!! Lots of close ups. With Audio commentary. You can hear whats going on in my head and what Im doing.

Not a how to video – but does show every graphic detail! NOT  for the weak of mind, heart of stomach!

Due to the nature of this DVD,   this is for EUROPEAN  RELEASE ONLY!!!

NOT  released in America!!! Debuting  @  BMX NET  this Sept 16th!!

SMALL RUN  – LIMITED number of copies available!!  Pick yours up  in Berlin!!  If you want to make sure you get one, email me now to reserve you a copy. They WILL sell out!!  Didnt have many made!!

that’s all for now…

praise hell,


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Posted by: rongarza | September 8, 2010

European Scarification Class Added!! – Rijeka, Croatia !

Dear Internet,

This year after BMXnet conference in Berlin, I will be in Croatia giving

NEW FULL  16 hour Freehand and Scarification class Dates in Europe!!


Oct 4&5 – freehand piercing

Oct 6 & 7  – Scarification Theory and workshop

Hosted By Badaku piercing studio

Freehand Piercing with Blade needles Workshop – 8 hours

This class will explain and explore basic fundamentals of freehand piercing with blade needles by showing you with the use of live models (All students will pierce and will be pierced) !!

Learn how to work effectively out of your hand without the use of mayo stand,trays or clamps from some of the industries most experienced piercers in this piecing style!!!

Topics covered

* Tissue bracing
* Needle control
* Understanding needle bevels
* Bending needles with and without tools
* Importance of tissue massage
* Understanding Anatomy
* How to mark and select jewelry for most basic piercings
* Bedside manner

MANY Suggestions to help you work better , faster and easier!


October 5th, 2010

Freehand body piercing with blade needles theory – 8 hours

This class will explain and explore basic fundamentals of freehand piercing with blade needles. Learn how to work effectively out of your hand without the use of mayo stand, trays or clamps!! Many videos and photos !!

Topics covered

* Tissue bracing
* Needle control
* Understanding needle bevels
* Bending needles with and without tools
* Importance of tissue massage
* How to mark and select jewelry for most basic piercings
* Understanding Anatomy
* Bedside manner
* Aftercare

MANY Suggestions to help you work better , faster and easier!

See it all in practice in the workshops!!
Second time in Europe!!

All students will receive

Certificate of completion of course
Freehand piercing DVD – Vol 1 in English


Scarification theory and workshop

October 6 & 7, 2010

This class will explain and explore basic fundamentals and theory of Scarification. Everything is explained from making stencils to aftercare methods and everything in between!!
LOTS of videos and photos !!

Some Topics covered

*Making stencils and single line cuttings
*Using flow, shape and composition in your designs
*Common equipment used
*Understanding blades and skin
*Different methods to using blades
*Safety measures
*Special considerations
*Skin peeling
*Scar shading techniques
* Aftercare methods and much more!!

Come learn from one of the worlds leading scarification experts as he explains tips and tricks that have taken him over 2 decades to learn! All students are encouraged to bring portfolios and learn from one of the industries best!

Due to the advanced nature of this course, ALL students MUST be working in a studio already and be familiar with Personal Protective Equipment and Blood Borne Pathogens! NO SHOP- NO CLASSES !!

ALL students will cut and be cut during the workshop supervised by Ron Himself!!! No scars bigger than the size of your hand please.

All students will receive
*Certificate of completion of class
*Class manual

e-mail address or call  00385 91 2277112.
While I’m staying in Rijeka  I will also do a presentation at Pecha Kucha about Phuket Veggie Festival (that I’ve  been attending for several years) that will take place on 6th of October in HKD on Sušak.
For people from abroad wishing to attend the seminars, private accomadation can be arranged upon request.


praise hell


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Europe 2010 trip update

Dear Internet,

I  have been SO busy with projects trying to get things ready for  Europe ..and  so far , so good.

My classes for Berlin are going well.

I know Im lecturing on the Phuket Veggie fest and doing a freehand piercing workshop with Brian Skellie . The freehand  course should  pretty awesome.  Im coming with  full curriculum, and Im pretty sure Brian is doing the same.

I have been going thru Phuket vids  to have video  to show of us piercing  @ the veggie fest which is something I havent shown before there. I also will have  the spear I used to pierce the spirit mediums faces on hand for people to hold and touch.

I wasn’t asked about teaching scarification, so I hadn’t really planned on teaching it there,  especially when I saw Ryan Oueliette was also on the bill  but I guess I will be after all. I  found this online … so it must be true!!  I had thought  the two of us could have a pretty great  round table exchanging ideas from 2 different perspectives. especially both of us doing things  so differently.

I had toyed with the idea of having an informal workshop,  like  of ” A Conversation w/ Ron Garza” style and setting , where I do a large 3/4 hour  cutting and people can come in and  out and watch and ask  questions  while the procedure is going on and watch it in real  time space. I thought this was a nice way to see it in action and see the theory  being practiced as well as  be in a more relaxed state and more – Edu-taining . I think  if we both collaborated on a piece for a class in this setting  would be highly beneficial for all those attending!

I have received quite a few emails from people wanting  to get  scarred by me when I decide where I will be traveling thru.

As of  right now,  the Cities that Im taking appointments for in are –  Berlin, Germany – Prague, Czech republic,  and Rijeka , Croatia.

Krakow, Poland and Budapest, Hungary  not confirmed yet, but will be visited this trip.

Ok.. more updates as things  get confirmed , or  I just remember to update here.

praise hell


Dear Internet,

I know I have been slacking  on updating here,  but I promise that will change soon.

I have been super busy with preparations for Europe , as well as FEVERISHLY working on trying to get  L.T.D Productions going and off the ground.  up to this point it has been primarily a labor of love, but hopefully I can start dedicating more time to that soon.

Since I have been doing so much video editing lately,  When I found  these old TV show/Documentary DVDs , I  edited them down for my purposes and youtubed em on my channel. You should subscribe to it now!!

Now I can get rid of this old DVDs and just have the files online for  future reference. 🙂 These are   more recent scar footage that has been shot of me (last 5 years or so). I have an ASSLOAD of VHS tapes  from TV shows from the 90’s .. but who has a vcr player anymore? I dont. Maybe in the future I can convert and upload those..  and  some SUPER  OLD suspension stuff from 15 + years ago…on 8mm!!  but  that will definitely have to wait.

Either way .. here is some good old scar footage for me ( and you I guess).

This clip is from A piece I did  with Wayde Dunn for Discovery Channel Canada  cutting Ryan Stock for a show called “Guinea Pig

Ill try and get some other stuff up here next couple days

Enjoy and as always

Praise hell  – Say 10


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