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ScarCon Feature in October 2013 Bizarre magazine.


Dear Internet,

I know I have been slacking on this blog. It has been over a year now and two Europe trips since the last update.  Rest assured it isn’t because I have been lazy! (well maybe on the updating front). I have been super busy with so many projects and travels. My new website shows some of this stuff, but a lot of it just boils down to I have a real life and not so much of an internet one these days. Facebook is probably the best way to keep up with me these days. I have been thinking of making a separate piercing blog, as I have so many things going on, I think i need to separate things like my photography , travels,  and body art  into different ones.  Plus no one seems to realize I still am an active piercer these days. I will post a link to that when I get  to it.

ANYWAY, let me get you up to date  on the Scarcon.

Traveling as much as I do , I have been looking for a country to hold  the first International Scarification convention.  After a few trips to London, I decided on having it there,  with the best scarification artists I know. Not everyone could make it, but quite a few were able to attend and do beautiful work.

I decided on the name ScarCon, since scar wars was already taken by my dear friend Shawn Porter who held the first three scarification conventions in the U.S. before.

I had a lengthy interview with Alix ( Bizarre), that didn’t get published, but  they used a small percentage of it. Here is the whole original interview.

There are some pictures and a featured article in the October issue # of Bizarre magazine (out August 30th, 2013). Be sure to pick it up!

until then, keep checking here for updates or add myself or scarcon on facebook for updates when they happen!

Thanks for reading!


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New Tour Dates!! Europe get ready!

Dear Internet,

I know it has been a minute since I have been on here.. Life has been SO busy lately.  On my way to Vegas right now for the APP conference.

I finally got  some dates solidified for Europe for myself and Nakota.  We wil be working our way across Europe, starting in Naples, where I will be giving a freehand seminar  and workshop at the 9th annual tattoo expo. Lots of Big tattooers will be there. Nakota has another appointment wit Jeff Gogue there.

I will also be taking scarification appointments at Micromutazioni .  I would like to say that I am very proud to have  them be the  EXCLUSIVE distributors of the Advanced Piercing techniques DVD’s in Italy.

After that we will be hitting Rome, Istanbul, Belgrade ( at Heaven and Hell tattoo), Budapest ( black and white tattoo)   and finally Helsinki (Paradise Tattoo), where both of us will be working  and teaching classes on tattoo station set up as well as freehand piercing techniques seminar and workshop.

Email Myself  or Nakota @  or Nakota at for appointments

Ok guys.. see  you soon!!

hugs , kisses and triple sixes,

Ron  and Nakota


Dear Internet,

 I know I don’t  post  much suspension related stuff, but for those that have known me over a decade know  the art of bosy suspension was one of my first loves in the body art realms  in the early 90’s. Those who have known me, also know what a suspension proponent I have been for the last 20 years. ImageImage

Since then I have been involved in quite a few larger  suspension projects from  being one of the nine people on the original human mobile for Ripleys Believe it or notImage,  to helping suspend  Chris Angel from a HelicopterImage,  to  helping reproduce Stelarcs suspensions to  other huge projects from other crane projects, as well as  high tension, kinetic suspensions. Because I have been so involved with more advanced suspensions, I dont particularly enjoy assisting with first time suspendees.

Recently I received a phone call from a dear friend, Chris Glunt,  asking if I would help suspend him for a photo project. Knowing how well chris can hang, his usually really cool ideas, coupled with the fact  he  isnt a pussy at all, I readily agreed.

Turns out the project  he was working with was for acclaimed fetish photographer, Aaron Hawks and  an upcoming book and show focusing on suspensions.

 Due to exclusivity contracts signed,  we haven’t been able to release some of our personal photos… until now.

Many more photos can be seen on my Facebook suspension page section Image

I will leave with a couple more of my favorite suspension pics that I have been involved with.

More later,

Praise hell, Say-10,




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NEW Upcoming Vegas and European Dates!!


Dear Internet,

So much going on, and it starts  up really HEAVY this month,  starting with Ink and iron tattoo convention in Long Beach, Ca (June 7-9)where I will be working on Friday.   Yes,  Its true, I AM  headed back to Europe again!!!  BUT   only for a short  time and not the long term move I was planning on and have spoken to many  of you about already.

As with life, things change, and I ended up staying here in the states, and not taking off to my beloved Berlin.

I will still visit this year lecturing, giving workshops and working my way across Western and Eastern Europe  as well as into Scandinavia  like usual.  The difference is this time  I will be with my better half – Nakota, whose tattoo work  some you  might be already familiar with. If not, I HIGHLY SUGGEST you go see her work and like it on facebook/NakotaArt. That owl is an older back piece cover up she did that I really love the colors on. All of her work  is so rich and colorful .. and just like that owl piece. She will ALSO BE working  at Ink and iron in LBC  and  has a day open to tattoo. If interested , email!

Starting next month,  we will be traveling and working by appointment only mainly in Europe.

From June 17 – 22 We will be Las Vegas, NV for the Association of Profession Piercers conference in which Ron and a few colleagues will all be helping with a tool-less (freehand) piercing workshop.Nakota still has  one appointment available, and I have two slots  still open.  Send me or her a message if interested.

June 30 /July 1st  I will be lecturing on “Piercing without tools” at the 9th annual tattoo expo Convention in Naples, Italy. Nakota is no longer taking appointment’s for Naples. From  there we will be  traveling a bit from Rome, (cementing locations and dates now).

We will then be working our way up north where both Nakota and myself  will be finishing this trip by teaching and working in Helsinki, Finland July 27, 28 and 29th at Paradise Tattoo and Body piercing.

I will be lecturing on freehand piercing once again, as well doing a joint lecture/workshop with Nakota on proper tattoo station set up.Nakota has 2 spots left for tattooing. Please email Paradise about her availability as they are handling bookings for Helsinki.

We will be back in the U.S. for the month of August, but both will be back in Sept- Nov. I cant say too much  on that right now, but  can say we will be more in central western Europe, before coming back stateside.  I will let you know when other classes, dates and cities get solidified.  as for now..  just had to share these dates . Ok stay posted for  upcoming dates and studios, and go like our shit on Facebook! 🙂

more later, praise hell, say-10,


Dear Internet,

Its true!!   My website has been redone to make it much easier  to navigate. I have included some  new pics, as well as some older ones.

I have also included LTD Productions  dvd page. We are also very pleased to announce the  RELEASE of the RE EDITED  version 2.0 of Advanced Piercing techniques Volume 1- Above the neck!!

We have addressed audio issues with the first edition as well as took out older footage ( we started filming for this dvd in 2005- WAY before  HD was so widely available.), and added over 20 MINS of NEW FOOTAGE!!

Want to the new version but already bought version 1.0???


Just mail us the original copy of Version 1.0 and we gladly mail you an updated version!!


Going to APP  and want to exchange it there???  NO PROBLEM!!  email me and reserve your copy in Vegas NOW!! !    email

Mail your copy of the DVD to

LTD Productions

125 N tustin  # G

Orange, Ca , 92867

Dont forget the # G part!!!

Ok.. So much going on,  I will try to update more often..

Have a few trips I will be telling you all about in the very near future.

Ok, ttyl

Praise hell / Say-10,


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From The Archives – Episode 2

Dear internet,

I know its been a while since I have updated here. So much Ive wanted to  write about and update  you all on,..but Ive been SO incredibly busy , and have a WHOLE  LOT going on.. so maintaining an online persona doesn’t hold the same importance it once did.

Regardless, Ive been doing and involved in some  really cool stuff lately and thought Id share. things  as they happen.

I will be  touring Europe  once again  this year and anyone  interested in getting  work from me , or attending classes , message me ASAP!!

I know I will be  teaching at BMXnet exchange this year once again. This year it will be in Essen Germany from October 14- 17.  I will also be working in Prague, Vienna, Rijeka, Copenhagen, and Stockholm as well. Dates and studios TBA very soon! ot a few other things in the works too but for now that’s it.

Recently i was moving and found and old box of hi8 mm tapes from my involvement  with TSD and suspensions from the early and mid 90’s. This tape was broken and busted, and all it said was rotisserie – june /99.. I knew i HAD to at least attempt to have this tape fixed and digitized!! I m pretty sure this is the only remaining footage of this suspension installation.

For those that don’t know much about me or my involvement with suspensions,  my interest was always with high tension, kinetic suspensions. after  long brainstorm sessions  at IHOP ,  drinking way too much coffee we would brainstorm  and find ways to make  ideas we had happen.  This piece was engineered by Allen and  Oliver.I remember it like it was yesterday, sooo hard to believe it was 12/13 years ago. We all looked so young and good looking then  lol

This was the first attempt at any version of  the high tension , kinetic suspensions and the stepping stone before  the 360 rotating suspension you saw in Episode one . TSD recreated this suspension once more, with the same model and I believe it was the last time  David Martinson (model) ever suspended. I wonder what happened to that guy.. hrmm..

Ok.. hope you guys enjoyed that.. Ill try to post more often here..

Anyone intersted in work contact me ASAP!!

praise hell -Say -10


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May 2011 update

Dear Internet,

I know its been a while  since Ive updated on here. These last few months have had my life  a little topsy-turvy.. Ive been keeping myself super busy  and trying to stay sane with the many curve balls life has been throwing  in my direction.

This time, Im trying to decide if i want to stay in the US  any more,  or move elsewhere.

Ive been toying around with the idea of moving to Berlin, so much so that it seems REALLY REALLY feasible to me to do it. I want to just  fall out of it all and just continue to develop my artistic passions there, in ALL their facets..and just create. There is a reason SO many people i know  live there.  No other place i have visited ANYWHERE in the world has a modern art scene like Berlin does..  I  LOVE  IT there..  the only thing i dont think i could stand is the winter weather there.. Berlin gets COLD!!!   Ill probably  head down to the south of Europe  into Croatia maybe ( Ana this means you 😉 ) for winter.. and re up my visa.  I just  cant wait to be immersed in the amazing artistic culture that is so much more prevalent in Europe than here in the USA… let alone the food, the wine and  yes of course.. the ART.

Other than that.. Ive been keeping myself busy .. haven’t been drawing that much or tattooing.. been covering at the shop , working for  Mckinnon (other piercer) for like a month straight and  havent had much time for much else, .. except one of my other passions that Ive been exploring more once again.. PHOTOGRAPHY!!! Namely.. fetish photography.

Years ago i used to really be into fetish photography and  was much more into the fetish scene as well .. then i dropped out of it  for whatever reason.. I think it was because i didnt like the ‘fashion fetish’ scene  which  seems to dominate  so much of the balls and conventions.. I have never been into  dressing up in the fucked up make up and latex/leather clothing..  I was always more into  just going and doing what i do .. and  participating in scenes and hanging,cutting or burning people.. not just hanging on the sidelines  dressed to the nines and  looking like i WAS part of it.. id rather just BE part of it.. who gives a fuck  what im dressed like..  well obviously it mattered to others and for whatever other reasons as well, i dropped out of all those scene.. but lately.. ive been having a little fun again..

Here is a couple pics of what Ive been  trying to stay busy with  when im not working in the shop. These are out takes and just  showing what i can in a work safe  public forum, as most of the stuff Im shooting is NOT Work safe.

Im always looking for  models.. especially ones with body art of any sort! If your interested in Modeling.. Hit me up! Im always traveling and  might be in your area soon!  Id love to shoot you!

and thats about all I can show you .. I like to work with color.. this all done with halogen lighting and  not photoshop. The rope work is done by myself. Id also love to shoot your scenes or dungeon or slaves!

Interested models please email – with  MODEL in the subject line.

Ok.. thats all.. Ive rambled on enough .. Ill try to update more often..

until then,

Say – 10,


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Tattooing and Life update

Dear Internet,

Wow its been a minute since I  last  wrote here.

As always , been super busy with piercing at the shop,  and tattooing as much as I can when Im not piercing. Been feeling pretty good with the actual tattooing part, although I seem to be doing more traditional style stuff which although doesn’t show much versatility , does show I can do a good , clean solid tattoo. Now that Im feeling better with all that part of inserting pigment into the skin,  I’ve also been drawing a lot as well,  really working on my composition and flow. Things are going well and I can see myself progressing artistically. Its pretty sweet!

In addition to color  work which I really prefer , Ive also playing some with Black and grays which aren’t as intimidating as I had previously thought. Black or darker tones  are needed in almost EVERYTHING the eye sees  to show depth and for the eye  to be able to differentiate between objects and colors.  Once you are able to understand and do  things in black and gray, it seems  much easier  to be able to do truer, richer tones of colors  to do more photo realistic stuff and not so traditional or new school-y  with using color.

Obviously I’m light years away from even attempting that sort of thing, (plus color portraits dont interest me), but its nice to be able to be progressing  enough to be able to understand  somewhat these things and actually know where to start and have an idea for the methods for the madness. Before seeing things with a much more untrained eye , I dont think I could  even understand what  I was  seeing other  than it  just being pleasing to the  eye.

Other that that,  Work on Vol 2 is coming along nicely and should be done within the next couple months at the latest.

Planning out European trip for later this year, and gearing up for my Texas trip next month!

Ill hopefully  be In  Dallas, Austin and Corpus for  short periods of time  and will be available for appointments

ill leave with a cute little black and gray hello kitty  skeleton I did a couple weeks ago that I thought was really cute.

I promise Ill try to get on here more, but cant promise I will

praise hell

say 10


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2010 wrap up

Dear Internet,

Well, another year has passed us and  so much  has gone on.

For many this  was a hard , rough year, for others it was an amazing one filled with opportunity and chance for  growth and development.. for some it was  both.

I had a good year.. Lots of love, travel and work.

This year  I was fortunate enough  to  have been asked to teach again in Germany and Mexico city amongst other places,  and did a little 6 week work tour in Europe while I was out t here. I worked/traveled through- Berlin , Germany,  Prague, Czech ,  Krakow Poland, Budapest , Hungary , and Rijeka , Croatia and some other little cities/towns in between.. So amazing to have the chance to see all of these places.. I just wish I had more time there  so I could have continued  onward with my travels into Eastern Europe. There aren’t too many counties left  to visit in eastern Europe, and Id like to do it  before they  fully convert to the euro. Seems to me you get more of a feeling of the country and culture when you see their money and the people that were important  in making the country. That is one thing Ive noticed from collecting money from all over the world. It says  so much about a culture and it’s peoples.

I had  great classes and students In Europe and I cant wait to go back and  see what they are up too!!  Im always infatuated with  the idea of moving  elsewhere.. and  lately.. Berlin or  some other eastern European city sounds amazing.  The things keeping me here ( aside from my significant other and our 2 dog and cat  children) , is the fact Ive been apprenticing tattooing for a while now.. and  I feel pretty comfortable with my progression and where Im at now. People are coming back and  bringing their friends and I know its just a matter of time before Im tattooing full time. Once i get better and feel more comfortable with that and I can rely on doing that, teaching and cutting for a living.. then  the big move to Berlin or Croatia will come Im sure.. or who knows  where I will want to  live and work  by then.. and  maybe Ill making machines and whatnot. So many passions and directions.. so little time.

Lets see,  this last year I also started the LTD productions   fully. I succeeded in putting out Vol 1 in English and Spanish , and have a  nice scar DVD out  as well to accompany  classes I give. The European  kids already have this. Its not for US  sale either. No you cant order it without  the class.  Don’t ask.

I had a hardware failure and all my files were lost and I literally  have to start ALL OVER again on volumes 2 and 3.. and I no longer have any of the files for my previous DVDS.  So basically Im starting all this over again this year. As a result  the release dates  for Volumes 2 and 3  have been pushed back into the year Very  glad and lucky  to have friends  helping and contributing  footage  so I at least  some  stuff  to work with  while re digitizing all the stuff again.. so lame! at least I have back up on mini DV tapes.. and it wasnt  just digital  files on a hard drive!

Lets see other than that..  this year  I just expect  more tattooing, cutting, traveling, cultivating  my artistic self more,  and  just being happy with  family.

I hope all of you had a great new year and  hoep this next year kicks a whole lotta ass for you ! Remember .. next year is 2012…

Got to make this year count!!!

Ill try to  update more often..

praise hell Say -10


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Another day older.. & by demand – My Amazon wish list

Dear Internet,

Thanks for noticing  I’m old (er).

Its this  day of the year  that Im reminded how old I am.. and how many of you people I miss  so much!!

They say your as old as you feel, and if thats true.. then im still 19… but  I wake up in the morning.. and I dont  feel 19.. I get tattooed  and  I dont heal like a teen ager anymore… I look in the mirror and this isnt   the 19 year old face I should be  seeing.instead a greying older man  peers  back  at me trying to understand where his  youth  went.

Either way  Im glad to have made it thrugh another year,   and  as  tough  as this year ..  it would have  so much  tougher without all of your support!

Thanks for everything  guys!!

Since  it  has been repeatedly  brought to my attehntion  that I dont have a wishlist up  or  a way for people to know what I want..

I present  to you . My  wishlist of sorts..

I know its a bit late for my Bday (   late  gifts are still ok 😉 ), but  Xmas is  right around the corner too!

Dont  be scared…Buy  my love now!!


Ok.. Thats all..Back to the grindstone..

happy holidays



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